Friday, 10 February 2012

My Short Stories!

Hey everyone! Aren't you excited?!? I know I am! Hehe, I promise I've had no sugar today… >.>

I have been taking English 12 this year and I am definitely having fun writing my own short stories! I thought I would share some with you quick!

Assignment: You have been wandering through the countryside. You come across an old red barn that appears to be abandoned. What an interesting old building! As you walk through the barn, you decide to write about it; there are so many sights, sounds and smells you can describe! 
Write a brief (100-150 words) descriptive paragraph that has an introduction, body and conclusion, has one indentation, and displays the elements of a descriptive paragraph discussed above. Use your imagination and stretch your vocabulary! 
Please write your paragraph below. Highlight the phrase below and start typing. The paragraph should be between 100 and 150 words.

As I walk through this old red barn, I knew it was calling me from the countryside to come and take a look. Now that I am here, I can't help but think about all of its history! Each smell and sight has its own story. The barn once held the smells of animal manure, but now all you can smell is the mold and rotten wood that has now taken its place here. 
As I walk further, I can feel the sun shining upon my face through the cracks in the roof. I can hear the wood beams creak as the wind blows through, and I can see the hay dancing and twirling lightly across the dirt floor. This all puts a smile to my face as I think about how this was once a brand new barn, built to help out a family and their farm, and now it sits alone in a big countryside, just waiting to tell its story.  I am so glad I came, and I wish I could stay longer, but I can see the sun is setting, and the moon is waiting to take its place in the sky. I will be back another day and maybe this time I can bring a friend, to share in this experience and listen to what this old barn has to say.
And here is the other one!
Here's the scenario: You've been wandering through an abandoned city. You have to get from one end of the street to the other. (The how and why I'll leave to you.) Write a one paragraph account of this one-block trip. 
Perhaps it isn't so easy to get to the other end. Maybe it is more hazardous than you first thought. Write it like a brief story, and write your topic sentence as if it's introducing a short narrative or anecdote. You might consider the paragraph as part of a larger narrative. You won't have time for detailed explanations, but hints and subtle clues will enrich your writing
Mary couldn't believe it. Out of all scenarios, her car had to run out of gas while passing an abandoned city. Mary hit her head against the steering wheel in frustration. She had just remembered she forgot to fill up her gas can before she left. Maybe she could find a running gas station around here. Nervously, she opened her door and walked to her trunk. She grabbed her gas can, then closed her doors. As she jogged to the street, she felt shivers go up her spine. This place didn't feel right. She slowly built the courage to walk further looking into every door and window preparing herself if something were to jump out and scare her. Then suddenly, she was startled by a rustling noise coming from a garbage pile. She clenched the gas can making her fingers go white. This couldn't be happening to her, this is only suppose to happen in movies!  But what jumped out of the pile made her sigh with relief. It was only a cat. She walked a bit further and saw a gas station ahead. She ran towards it and started filling up. A noise came from behind her, but as she turned around to find out what it was, nothing was there. She turned around to focus when out of no where, a face jumped into view which made her scream and fall back onto the hard cement. The face was a toothless old man, who seemed rather happy to see her. She could understand why, since she was probably his first customer in quite some time. He waddled over to where she was once standing, grabbed her can and finished filling it for her. He walked away and then vanished. Marie was still on the ground with her mouth opened with shock and fear. This place gave her the creeps, and she definitely didn't want to stay any longer. She was just happy to get out of there before something else decided to surprise her.
That's it so far! Hope you liked them!

I find I have WAY to much to write about and end up having to cut down, because these stories would have gone on a lot longer...

Thanks for coming to check out my blog!


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