Sunday, 5 February 2012

How About An Update?

Hey everyone! So yes...I didn't stick to my one-blog-every-week schedule... You can all cyber hit me now... >.<

Thank you Rachel for reminding to get back on it though!

I thought I would just update you all on what has been going on in my life so far!

Its been a really crazy last 4 months! We have moved to Abbotsford, and we absolutely LOVE our new place! It feels great to know that we own it, cause for the past 17 years of my life we've always rented.
Britteny and I were sitting in the car one day and wanted to count every single house we have ever lived in. So after going through every year of our lives, we calculated that we have lived in about 18-20 different houses, including this house that we just bought. It is absolutely CRAZY! I usually get bored of a  house after 6-9 months now... so I hope I don't get bored of this one!

Britteny and I have just started school, so we are really excited about that! Britteny is going to Abbotsford Christian, and I am homeschooling with Fraser Valley Distance Education School.
We both have missed about 2 years of school due to our family issues in the past, and just growing to not care about it anymore. I am really happy to say, after doing a test, that I am an average grade 12 student! Well, besides my math of course. =/
So I am doing adult courses with FVDES, and so far I have been doing alright!

Britteny is in grade 10, which is awesome! So she is really enjoying going to a school, besides having to wake up every morning at 6:30 am to catch the bus... But who really likes that anyway.

I really feel Gods blessings on me these past 4 months! But I know He has always been blessing me right from the beginning. Just now I feel I am noticing it more, and not taking any of it for granted.

I am in the process of buying some recording equipment. Thanks to everyone who helped out with buying my first midi interface! Now I just need to save up for a nice microphone! Definitely wanna take my time choosing the right one.

I have also been working really hard with two producers who found me on youtube! One of them is French and his name is Romy. He does more upbeat music you would hear on the radio. And the other is from Nashville, and his name is Jerry! He is actually the one who has signed me and is now my manager/producer. We have 13 months left to get me a under a record label!

I have been recording one song with Jerry which is almost ready to be sung in a studio and professionally mixed and mastered. So I am beyond excited for that! Then we have to come up with 3 more song ideas to record, then we can start sending out my "artist package" to a bunch of recording labels. 

Things are really pulling through for me. I still have to pinch myself every once in awhile to remind myself that it's not a dream!

I am working hard and praying everyday that this is His Will, and that I am following the right path.

Be praying for me as well that I keep to to my faith, and that I never lose who I am in the process of this all.

I hope to post another blog sometime next week on modesty! It's something that is very important to me, and I feel all girls should feel beautiful in their own skin no matter what!

Thank you so much for reading!!



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